2021 MKE – Week 18 – Reflection


This past week and month have consisted of a great deal of reflection on where I’ve been on my Master Key journey and what lies ahead as I strive to achieve what I’ve identified as my true pleasure, my definite major purpose.  In looking back at my week 18 post from year one of this journeyI highlighted what’s referred to as the “Happiness Progression.”  Definitely a reminder that in the midst of what I’m experiencing in life presently in terms of change and chaos that I need to return to doing these five things every day.  In 2021 I highlighted the POWER of a tremendous technique known as Battleship and how it can apply to anything that we choose to focus on be it a virtue of imagination or a feeling of joy. 

Deep Thought Reflection

Which brings us to year three of this journey and more reflection.  Fellow MKE sojourner Riley in her week 17 recap highlighted an important question, “What am I pretending not to know?”  And MKE sojourner Felton points out how we occasionally need to reboot because our old blueprint that’s been in place for a long time isn’t going to step aside easily.  Both of these things are important to reflect on as it’s a constant battle to ensure that the light of my greatness shines through as an example for others.

Through it all there’s one key to remember and reflect on in every situation we face on this journey to achieve true bliss, the law of growth is always at play.  As such it’s important to look for the positive in every situation, to prevent the negative aspect of any situation to gain a stronghold.  It may not be easy to do, however there is no sense in worrying about the things that occur in life that we have no control over.  Allowing that would cover the light of the greatness that is within.  Life is going to throw curveballs and put up obstacles along the path, making me work to achieve what I’ve identified as my dharma.  How I handle such things is seen by those around me so I need to set an example of leadership.  And the best way to do that is to utilize the tools that have been provided to me through the Master Key Experience to take those curveballs and hit the ultimate home run.  For that is how I can show others it is possible to be successful in achieving one’s definite major purpose. 

That starts with honestly evaluating and answering this question:

What would the person I intend to become do next? 

  1. Nancy O says

    I appreciate you highlighting your fellow tribe members. Give more, get more!

  2. Cool Cruiseman says

    Thank you Nancy. The embodiment of Emerson for sure. Love highlighting the insights of others on this spectacular journey.

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