3 Ways To Become Happier

ways to become happier


Happiness is something that everyone wants in their lives.  And when asked most people are going to say that they are happy, even if that’s not the case.  Interestingly some people have found ways to become happier in all aspects of their lives.


Are You Happy?



It’s an interesting question.  The quick response of most people is yes.  Yet is it really a truthful response or are people answering without really taking the time to actually think about it is the ultimate question.  Considering that on average there are over 45 million searches a month on “how to be happier” I’d lean towards the later.  Especially when one looks at the proliferation of tips and suggestions on becoming happier that come up in a search on the interweb of things.


Expert Suggestions


The experts have some fairly common sense suggestions on how one can become happier.  Many of these suggestions have been around for years.  Some highlights from a recent article (of 19 tips!) I saw include the following:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  3. Stop being a consumer
  4. Eat healthy foods and sleep well

And then there’s my personal favorite based on what the crazy cruise family has been doing more of the last five years, travel the world. 

All of the suggestions are good and I’ve actually implemented a few myself.


Ways To Become Happier Long-term


After the last two years personally I think there are three things to do that will make you happier in all aspects of your life.

The first is taking the time to discover your definite major purpose.  Simply put if you don’t know what you want to life, how do you put in place habits and daily actions needed to achieve it?

The second is to focus on and strive for having a positive mental attitude.  This doesn’t necessarily mean being positive all the time, because each of us has bad days or times when negativity creeps into the picture.  The best way to develop that positive mental attitude is to utilize  what is known as the 7 day mental diet.  Not sure what that is?  Check out the top box over on the right.

The third way to become happier is by utilizing a set of tools known as the 7 Laws of the Mind.  The subconscious mind is a powerful thing and these tools can be of tremendous assistance in guarding what enters the mind throughout the day and night.  

The key to the vault though that brings about results is adhering to patience, which the experts highlight as one of the ways to become happier.  Why? Because it takes time for things to manifest after establishing the required habits for implementing these three ways to become happier.

 Want to find out some additional ways that some people have utilized to become happier in life?  Take a few minutes and check out the Master Key Experience!  It comes around once a year in autumn, but you can get on the notification list for the next class now


  1. Julie says

    Great blog Brad. Thanks for sharing

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thank you Julie. And thanks for visiting our family’s little blog.

  2. Laura says

    You’re so right on here. Love your 3 points. You know, as a coach and previous counselor/therapist, I’ve had a lot of training and I still do coach trainings which are awesome! However I keep coming back to this thought…. everything… all those those things I learn with different labels and jargon… everything gets back to this- and everything can be found in the master keys- and especially in the Master Key Experience. It is ALL there. Not marketing, Just what my thoughts keep coming back to. Great article. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Nicole Sikora says

    I love that simple steps can add to our happiness! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Isn’t amazing how in the end it’s the simple things that stand out?

  4. Laura says

    Great post! Love your 3 things, it really comes down to that. I’ve studied all kinds of things as a mental health counselor, and as a coach- still doing trainings and I think about how although they may use different labels or jargon, it all comes down to this and it’s really ALL in the Master keys and in the Master Key Experience. Awesome post! 🎉🙏

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Yes! It’s so awesome to have it all in one place!

  5. John Francetic says

    Brad, thanks for sharing the suggestions on how to become happier. From your blog rover friend John.

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Your welcome John, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Day Boswell says

    I absolutely love this post, Brad. Nothing in the world like being happy! Thanks so much for sharing how anyone can!

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thank you for the kind words Day! There is definitely nothing like it!

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