4 Terrific Reasons Cruises Rock

Cruises rock


In August 2016 we embarked on our first ever cruise vacation that included spending time with stingrays.  We definitely weren’t sure what to expect, even though others had told us cruises rock.  However we were quickly hooked and have had the opportunity to go on eight cruises since then.  There is no doubt in our minds that cruises rock and provide the opportunity to create amazing family memories.  Yet there are four additional terrific reasons why cruises rock.


Unpack Just Once!


A terrific reason why cruises rock is the ability to unpack only once.  Yes if you visit just one destination during a land vacation this is also true however a cruise is really more of a road trip vacation.  The major drawback of road trips is the packing.  So much time is wasted having to pack and re-pack along with putting your luggage back in the vehicle after dragging it through the hotel.  On a cruise that time can be spent relaxing and having fun onboard your floating hotel.


It’s Already Decided!


What is a number one drawback of almost every vacation?  The need to make decisions such as how long to stay, where to go, how to get where you want to visit and what to do for meals.  That’s why cruises rock.  Everything can be decided before you depart with your family and/or friends beginning when you book your cruise.  You know how long your going to be gone and where you’re going.  You also know how you’ll get to the destinations on your vacation and before embarking can make numerous dining decisions.


Try Some Exotic Foods!


So it’s time for dinner and the waitstaff presents the menu.  Perhaps it has Ox tongue, oysters, frog legs or other exotic food option.  You might be hesitant about ordering if you’re at restaurant everybody decided to try because well, you’re on vacation.  On a cruise that hesitation disappears!  You’ve already paid for the meals so if it turns out you don’t like it you can just order something different that you know you like.  See cruises are a great way to explore new cuisines and maybe discover a new favorite.


 New Friends!


Yet another reason why cruises rock is the opportunity to make some new friends.  Whether you’ve taken the family on a weekend cruise, a 7+ day cruise or a back-to-back cruise (a favorite of the Crazy Cruise family) it’s guaranteed new people will be met.  At dinner, on the Lido deck, at a show or just walking in the atrium are just a few of the opportunities for striking up a conversation with people from around the world.  A chance to learn and grow while talking about a common love for travel and adventure in a way that’s fun and relaxing.

Of course there are many reasons why cruises rock as a vacation option. It’s why we made the decision in 2016 to get a cruise membership that doubles our purchasing power and our daughter also did last year.  The Crazy Cruise Family would love to hear what some of your reasons are for going on cruise vacations.  Let us know in the comments.


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