Master Key Experience Week 12 – Knowledge, Courage, Faith Oh My!


The mind is a powerful thing. This is why it’s so important to guard what comes into it, to focus on positive instead of negative. In fact did you know there are 7 Laws of the Mind? Each law focuses on something that can help a person become a self-directed thinker instead of a follower in the “River of Dreams”. A great song by Billy Joel and great analogy to how many become lost because they attempt to live the dreams of others or the dreams others have for them. Since week one those of us in this year’s Master Key System have been doing the little things to be different than the crowd on the banks of the river of dreams. This is because knowledge about who each of us wants to become, what we want to achieve as definite major purposes isn’t enough.

Courage to dare is also needed. This along with faith is built up through, you guessed it, one of the 7 Laws. Specifically the Law of Practice. Ironically it’s a law that has been hammered constantly during the weekly webinars. Doing the simple things like reading the chapter of the week in the Master Key daily, reading the scroll of the month in Greatest Salesman 3 times a day along with a blueprint builder and our Definite Major Purpose (long version, movie trailer), reading a Press Release “future” version of the achieved dharma, writing out “services” and reading those out loud daily, just to name a few goes a long way towards ultimately achieving one’s definite major purpose.

What I loved about the webinar in Week 12 was the focus, specifically on what we think about. Another of the 7 laws is the Law of Growth, in that what we think about grows. In other words if you choose to allow in negativity, to focus on the negative aspects of things that is what will manifest for you in life. It’s why focusing on positivity is so important and to utilize these 7 laws to become self-directed in our thinking by using the Law of Substitution and Law of Dual Thought to replace negativity when it pops up with something positive. And one way to re-direct is to have tools at the ready, so I love the tool that was introduced that finally utilizes some of the many index cards that had to be acquired for the Master Key course. That tool for this week was writing down 30, 40, 50 successes we’ve experienced in life no matter how small. What a great way to remind the subconscious mind that despite what others may say when we fall short at something that we are victorious. And another tool that chips away at the cement covering the gold that is inside each of us! As is the other tool that was introduced, the one-sentence DMP.

When this course started each of us had to come up with a Definite Major Purpose that we want to achieve and keep it under 300 words. This was not an easy task in that it had to be reviewed and fine-tuned over the course of a few weeks with feelings and dates. Then the opportunity came to create a futuristic Press Release where the dharma has been achieved. Slightly easier as it could be over 300 words. So you can imagine what the first thought was when the requirement was to reduce it to ONE SENTENCE! Surprisingly it was not difficult at all, the result of the repetition of the last 11 weeks no doubt. A subtle reminder that not everything is as it seems perhaps?

And definitely a reminder that:

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

Charles Haanel, Master Key System, Part 12 Introduction

Time to start applying the knowledge!

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