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Master Key Experience Week 2 – Overcoming Resistance and Worry

Worry is paying interest on a loan that you may not have.

Week two of this journey has been a roller coaster. I’ve been fighting feelings of overwhelm along with resistance from my sub-conscious mind. Getting into the swing and flow has been difficult with playing a small game of catch up on readings and the “sit.” It’s also been a challenge in the early going with fitting a “master class” into what on the surface feels like an already full schedule at times. However it’s a learning process that I’m determined to see through knowing that the end result, a new blueprint, will reap countless benefits. And I’m worried about the early stumbles because honestly worry doesn’t do anything, focus and doing it is what does.

In the Part 1 of the Master Key System Haanel mentions that “Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts & to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us.” This is a powerful takeaway because it means we can ultimately only control one thing, our thoughts. Another powerful takeaway has been that what is inside is reflected outside, a reminder that to get more out of life we need to start by looking inside, at our thoughts, in order to draw out the greatness that is there.

This is why a daily 15 minute sit is so important. I admit it seemed strange at first and it still does, but to control your thoughts you have to first, according to Haanel, “secure complete control of the body.” So far this has proven to not be as easy as it sounds, but it will get better. Why? Because controlling my body and my thoughts will result in bringing forth strength, power and greatness that is already inside.

As Mandino mentions in Scroll 1 of the Greatest Salesman in the World, “nature has already supplied me with knowledge and instinct far greater than any beast in the forest.” It’s up to me to begin properly utilizing it, without worry.

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