MKE Week 1 – Dragons, Habits & Quan

Dragons, habits and quan


What an exciting week 1 of the Master Key Experience (MKE) with interesting takeaways that I didn’t catch or don’t remember catching last year.  It is the week where expectations are set to maintain one’s scholarship of course, but it’s also the time where those who are new to this journey learn (and returnees reminded) why each of us is on this journey of self-discovery.  

The long story made short, it’s to chip away at the cement that has covered up the golden child inside as metaphorically pointed out in the movie “Finding Joe” to find one’s purpose.  Chipping away at that cement means slaying dragons, eliminating bad habits and finding Quan.  Tools to help accomplish this are of course provided during the Master Key Experience.




What are the dragons? Generally speaking the obstacles that are holding you back in life.  These obstacles could be various fears or influences of society that affect our daily decisions.  To achieve what is known as your definite major purpose or to as Joseph Campbell refers to as following your bliss these dragons need to be slayed, including the biggest one of all, the dragon that is found inside me and you.


“The real dragon is in you … that’s your ego holding you in.”

Joseph Campbell, The Power Of the Myth


One of the keys to slaying the dragon? Habits




As individuals each of us is defined by the daily habits we’ve established.  The effect is an environment of success or failure.   Og Mandino highlights this in the scrolls of The Greatest Salesman In the World, which happens to be one of the daily reading assignments during the Master Key Experience.  He points out how those who have failed have bad habits and those who have succeeded have good habits.  

Perhaps you have come across one of the more popular quotes out there that basically says if you want to see change in your life you need to change your habits.  This is why the first law in the scrolls is so important as it also lays the groundwork for the other nine is: 


I will form good habits and become their slave

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman In the World


Having gone through the MKE last year I had established some good habits however I also fell off the wagon over the summer, allowing a couple of bad habits to take hold.  So this first scroll is a fantastic reminder of the importance to focus on both re-establishing those habits but also developing new ones as I continue the journey of the MKE this year.  

Another fantastic reminder was some terrific motivation in the form of a text message I received from a good friend on Monday morning of a YouTube video entitled “Today Is the Day”.   It talks about not settling and deciding to commit to taking action to achieve what you want in life. And how the only thing standing in the way of my dreams is me. It also powerfully highlights the importance of habits and the influence they have.

It’s a video I’ve seen on countless occasions but it’s one that I see in a different light.  A light that makes it even more powerful as a result of being in year two of the MKE.  An understanding that a video like this can have tremendous results when the missing parts of the equation are added to “taking action”.  What do I mean?  You’ll need to follow this adventure of mine to find out.  But for now I’ll leave it at commitment and hard work while becoming a slave to good habits in order to achieve the Quan.




Seriously one of my new favorite words after week 1 of the MKE might be Quan.  What is Quan you ask?  Let’s head to the Jerry Maguire movie for an explanation:



Quan is what I know I’ll find as I work to further refine my definite major purpose that I identified last year when I started the exciting MKE journey.  And the MKE is my Quan ambassador! Grateful for the chance to mastermind again with members of the MKE family both new and old.  Excited to gain new insights as I complete my daily reads and sits along with the other exciting tools that will be offered to include in the toolbox for slaying the dragons.

Only the courageous adventurers will go on this dragon slaying journey that involves becoming a slave to good habits in order to find Quan.  Glad to proudly say I am one of those courageous adventurers.

Excited to discover what insights will emerge heading into week 2!


  1. Brenda Brown says

    Dragons, habits and Quan✅ love this take away and explanation. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey 💗

    1. bradcruises says

      Thank you Brenda. It is always surprising how certain things stand out.

  2. Bobby says

    Interesting! excellent educating blog and site layout!

  3. Bibi Lindahl says

    Awesome post, Brad! It’s great to be back and be reminded, and now that we have chipped off a lot of the cement during the first year through the MKE, we get to see/hear/understand things differently than we did the first time through. I love how you said that the MKE is your Quan ambassador!! Keep up the good work, my friend ♥

    1. bradcruises says

      The view certainly is different, it shows how much progress has been made even if not realized right away.

  4. LOREN C TAYLOR says

    Your blog rover friend, Loren, here, Brad. I love your firebreathing use of language and video as a splendid way of “QUANtifying” your Year 2, Week 1 MKE experience! 🙂

    1. bradcruises says

      Thanks Loren. Isn’t being a blog rover wonderful?

      1. LOREN C TAYLOR says

        And indeed it is, Brad! Indeed it is! 🙂

  5. Breege Walsh says

    Loved reading your Post Brad and the realisation of new insights second time around.

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  7. Laura Hitt says

    Quan!!! Great word. LOL. Seriously, great post! Love the way you really tied it all together. Dragons, habits and quan, a perfect title!

    1. bradcruises says

      Thank you Laura.

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