MKE Week 11 – 4 Tiny Steps

4 tiny steps

Powerful. That best describes week 11 of the Master Key Experience. A major key to success being 4 tiny steps or “habits” was eye-opening. This is where the dots begin connecting between the repetitive tasks that have been hammered since week one and the habits that are forming as a result.

And the 4 tiny steps are:

The first step is identifying a goal or purpose and having a burning desire for it. Accomplished by not just writing out a definite major purpose, but also reading it multiple times a day. And also doing things like triggering reminders of key portions with shapes and colors; and creating a recording set to music to help fan the burning desire.

The second step is implementing a diet, specifically a mental diet to develop and build a positive mental attitude. Key because over time we manifest what we think.

The third step is developing a plan of action to accomplish the desired dharma or definite major purpose. The repetitive task that’s been accomplishing this is each week of this course is adding a “service” that helps advance the definite major purpose that’s been defined. To help build the recognition of accomplishment by the subconscious mind simple to accomplish “services” like cleaning the refrigerator or cleaning a room or organizing computer files is also identified.

The final step to the puzzle is understanding that a definite major purpose or goal isn’t accomplished without help from others. A mastermind with one or more people who provide encouragement is needed.

It’s easy of course to just go through the motions but just what can happen when implementing these steps was driven home with the story of DJ Gregory and what he accomplished. Take a listen:

The ultimate example of not only persistance and the 4 tiny steps in action but also the law of giving. For at the end of the day if one gives more without expectation amazing things can happen in life. Best summarized by this quote from Og Mandino:

“In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.”

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman

And that is what I am doing every day in this Master Key course, taking one step at a time towards accomplishing the definite major purpose that I’ve identified for me. And like DJ in his journey to accomplish his goal of walking every round, every hole of the PGA tour, I too will fall along the way to achieving my dharma. And that’s OK because:

“If I fall, I fall, it’s just another challenge. I’m gonna fall, it’s just the way it is, you get back up and you learn from your mistakes.”

DJ Gregory
  1. Stephanie Dukes says

    I agree, week 11 was powerful!! Thanks for sharing your experience!!

    1. bradcruises says

      Very powerful. Thanks for reading.

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