MKE Week 19 – Be Present

Be Present


What another interesting week it was on this spectacular journey known as the Master Key Experience.  A time to focus on being present.  While reading Haanel this week I was struck by how Part 19 brings in a connection to what is read in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In the World.


Continual Change is Present


This focus on the present is indirectly referred to in the middle of Part 19.


“Matter is forever changing; we know that in the eons of time a hundred years in but as a day.”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System


Having read Scroll V of Og  many times between 2020 and now it came to mind how this perfectly relates to the importance of living in the present.  I guess that means that the connections between all the different habits being utilized on a daily basis are definitely starting to fire.  And this change of course because it is continual is the reason why it is so important to always be present in our thoughts.


“Thought is the vital force of energy which is being developed and which has produced such startling results in the last half century as to bring about a world which would be absolutely inconceivable to a man existing only 50 or 25 years ago.”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System


Here one moment yet gone in the next.  While I’m not a deer hunter, there’s a popular song played every deer season here in Wisconsin referring to a buck.  A single line from this song comes to mind reading these particular paragraphs, and it’s not that a 30 point buck is inconceivable.  Rather it’s after the buck is seen by the hunter and all the smoke clears with the buck still standing.


“And then a flash of white, and there he was, gone.”

Bananas At Large, Turdy Point Buck



Creating One Moment In Time


Showing the importance of staying present in the moment, of focusing on being the best I can be every day, of striving to achieve my purpose in life while being of service in others.  So that every day can be that “One Moment in Time”.



Around the horn in Week 19


Jorge talks about body posture and language as does Melina.  And Suzanne shares insights into dreams and visions while Derek highlights how the tools of the Master Key Experience help manifest in our lives.  Be sure to check them out.


  1. LOREN TAYLOR says

    Thanks for sharing a few of your moments, Brad! 🙂

  2. John Francetic says

    Brad, good for you for realizing the importance of staying present in the moment. From your blog rover friend John.

    1. bradcruises says

      Thank you John! It was great seeing you stop by the blog today.

      1. LOREN TAYLOR says

        How about your other blog rover friend, Loren, Brad? I stopped by before John did LOL 🙂

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