No Regrets! 4 Cruise Vacation Must Do’s



The Crazy Cruise Family is a firm believer that cruise vacations are the way to go when it comes to family travel and seeing the world.  Yet it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of a cruise, especially if it’s you’re first one.  So to avoid post-vacation regret, here’s 4 cruise vacation must do’s.


Sunset Gazing


cruise vacation must do


One of the first things that we did on our initial cruise vacation is catch a sunset.  It is a magically relaxing feeling watching the sun disappear on the horizon while sailing the ocean view.  The timing can be tricky depending on the season but this is something you do not want to miss.  It’s been something we’ve watched from not just the Lido deck, but multiple outdoor locations on the ship.  And the view from the dining room if you’re seated on the proper side or along the back windows is spectacular as well.

Of course just as spectacular when it comes to cruise vacation must do’s is catching a sunrise at sea.  This is much easier to accomplish when you’re not cruising in the summer.  And doing so on an early port arrival day doesn’t hurt. Of course whether it’s a sunrise or a sunset make sure to snap a few photos or a time-lapse video.  


New Foods


cruise vacation must do


A great way to fall in love with a new food is on a cruise.  There really is no other place to not be concerned with ordering something and not liking it.  Considering many food locations onboard are included in your fare, this is one of those cruise vacation must do things.  Even if you’re a picky eater.

The best place to discover what your palette enjoys is the main dining room.  This is because the menu varies every night and always includes cuisine from either that day’s port of call or the region.  Most nights you’ll also find something exotic.  And if you happen to not like that appetizer or entree?  Just ask your waitstaff for something else that you know that you’ll like as there’s always the standby items like grilled chicken or a burger.


Sail-away Time



The third of the cruise vacation must do’s is participate in the sail-away.  Honestly this is a can’t miss whether it’s your first cruise or your twentieth cruise.  Every cruise we’ve been on there’s been a magical feeling of calm and relaxation that begins to take hold as the ship heads out and the cruise director proclaims “You’re on vacation!”

The entertainment staff always does a phenomenal job getting things started with the sail-away party.  In fact if it’s your first cruise, the crazy cruise family highly recommends watching or even being a participant.  Just as thrilling though is watching the coastline eventually disappear as you leave port embarking on 3, 4, 5 or maybe 7, 8 days of fun exploring exotic destinations.  Of course find the right location onboard and you can experience both!


Umbrella Drinks


cruise vacation must do


A cruise just isn’t a cruise if you don’t order at least one of those umbrella drinks.  Not to worry though as you’ll have ample opportunity to do so from the moment you get onboard and head to Lido deck.  It’s the number one sign that your vacation has officially begun.  Plus that umbrella drink is probably in some cool cup, making it perfect for sharing on all your social medias.

Enjoying that umbrella drink isn’t just something for the adults that are of legal drinking age.  In many cases there’s non-alcoholic varieties available for the kids to enjoy as well.


More Cruise Vacation Must Do Things


This list is just a starting point as the crazy cruise family has typically found something new to do on each cruise.  And every time it’s like “how did we not do that before?”  The best thing about cruise vacations is that if you forget to do something, there’s always next time.  Meaning at the end of the day you can always avoid the regret by just going on another cruise vacation! In fact find some ideas here.

What are some things you’ve discovered are great cruise vacation must do things?


  1. John Francetic says

    Brad, thanks for the cruise do’s. From your blog rover friend John.

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      My pleasure John. 🙂

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