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Press Release – Definite Major Purpose

Achieving Definite Major Purpose, Finding Bliss

Jason Honnefer – The Floridian Press November 1, 2024

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Wisconsin transplant Brad, at his condo here in Fort Meyers, discovering the inside story on how he came to not only realize true liberty but also cement his legacy of giving back by defining his Definite Major Purpose.

Definite Major Purpose includes having a condo in Fort Meyers.

Brad and his wife, the Fabulous Rebecca, realized true liberty in recent years. In 2016 while on a family vacation, Brad came across an opportunity that sounded too good to be true. Simply put they could build a vacation fund that would double their monthly contribution and allow them to take cruise vacations at a significant savings.

“Imagine,” says Brad, “being able to take your family on a cruise to the Caribbean, to the Greek Isles or Asia. And paying no out of pocket cost while saving hundreds or even thousands each time. It’s been a fantastic way to cross off bucket list destinations we only dreamed of visiting.” But that wasn’t all this opportunity entailed.

Brad shared how it ultimately allowed him to build a healthy business by simply sharing the opportunity with others, empowering them to realize their dreams through business ownership. The road wasn’t easy at first but the payoff for including this business in his Definite Major Purpose and sticking with it has been substantial, to the tune of now earning 7 figures annually.

I was curious of course as to why he stuck with it through the tough start, instead of just giving up. Brad indicated a couple of reasons, a love for travel, the opportunity to save on vacations, and a feeling that he could be successful with sharing the opportunity because others were having success. He just needed to find a way, which was a 26 week course known as the Master Key Experience.

“The Master Keys in 2019 helped me discover me when I took the time to define my Definite Major Purpose, by chipping away at the obstacles and excuses I had created for myself over time,” says Brad. “And as a result I have the time to give back in countless ways while spending more quality time with Rebecca and our beautiful girls.”

Photo via Live Titletown
The ways that Brad and his family have been able to give back as a result of his Definite Major Purpose are astounding.

Between here and Green Bay where they lease a place in the Titletown District, located in the shadows of Lambeau Field, 200,000 meals annually are provided to those families in need. Paying it forward also includes raising funds and sponsoring wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, 4 a year, along with volunteering in Central Florida at Give Kids the World Village 4 times annually. These two organizations hold a special place in the hearts of Brad and his family as they spent time at Give Kids the World in July 2015 on a wish trip with their son Aiden who passed away a short time after the trip, in September of that year. All of these things are invigorating for Brad, bringing joy and excitement to his heart.

Also a source of pride for Brad is a scholarship his family established in honor of their son Aiden. The scholarship program provides educational opportunities for foster children, as Brad and Rebecca had opened their open to foster care for a number of years.

“I’ll always be grateful for Rebecca’s desire to be involved with foster care because if it wasn’t for that Aiden wouldn’t have come into our lives, a wish trip wouldn’t have occurred and we may not have come across the cruise business opportunity.”

Brad has definitely achieved his bliss as a result of his Definite Major Purpose and when he and Rebecca aren’t giving back, you’ll find them on a cruise ship expanding their cultural horizons with their girls. Or perhaps creating other amazing memories at a pro sports championship like the Super Bowl or a theatrical performance in Sydney. No matter where they are, one thing is for certain. Brad will be doing something to positively impact and inspire others through servant leadership.

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