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A popular cruise destination in the Western Caribbean is Roatan Honduras!  Perhaps you’re wondering what to do when visiting what many consider a great destination.  The crazy cruise family has done some initial research as we’re looking to take a cruise to this gem in 2021 using our cruise membership.  Here are four spectacular things we’ve come across as ideas.


1. Beach Day at Half Moon Beach


We’ve heard of Carnival’s private island in the Bahamas known as Half Moon Caye so  a beach by the same name in the Western Caribbean has to be pretty cool.  And considering we love the beach, spending some time at this one while in Roatan sounds like a great idea.

Half Moon is located on the West End and not as busy as some other beaches in Roatan.  This makes for a great vibe for just relaxing and checking out the scenery or doing some swimming or snorkeling.


2. Boat Tour Time


Another thing we enjoy doing on cruise vacations is exploring.  A great way to check out an island is by going on a boat tour.  Such a tour in Roatan will not disappear as it’s a terrific opportunity to see the lush tropical forests that cover the rolling hills of the island.  You can also spend time snorkeling one of the many reefs or even spend time checking out cool starfish.


3. Be a Foodie


Visiting any destination whether on a cruise or not isn’t complete until you taste some of the local food.  In Roatan the food to try according to many is baleadas.  These are flour tortillas typically filled with beans and cheese.  Depending on where you go in Roatan for baleadas you can also get them with meat or chicken or avocado.  This local delight is also very affordable costing a few bucks as most.


4. Head To the Park


Manawakie Eco Park - Roatan
Photo Credit: Manawakie Eco Park


Another terrific thing we’ve done on cruise vacations is visit the nature parks.  And in Roatan is the popular Manawakie Eco Park.  Word is that taking a comprehensive tour means not only seeing monkeys, sloths and exotic animals such as Amazon Parrots or Scarlet Macaws.  You also learn about the history and culture of this lush tropical location in the Western Caribbean.

Are you planning a future cruise vacation to Roatan or have you visited?  We would love to hear what you either recommend or are considering doing!


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