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Recently I’ve had the opportunity to become part of a terrific mastermind alliance as part of my deep dive into personal development.  The first stop on this deep dive is a discussion of Wallace Wattle’s Science of Being Great.  One of the first things Mr. Wattles does is highlight heredity and that it isn’t an obstacle to one’s greatness.


Heredity’s Role In Growth


In the opening sentence of chapter two the potential to use heredity as an excuse is blown out of the water.


YOU are not barred from attaining greatness by heredity.

Wallace Wattles


The mastermind alliance I’m part of with four other people meets bi-monthly.  During our Zoom calls each of us takes a chapter, highlighting what we saw as key points or takeaways from what Mr. Wattles has shared.  On our first call I had the honor of sharing my insights on Chapter Two.  And this quote just happen to be takeaway number one.

If you really stop to think about how often is the excuse of heredity utilized by people when explaining their situation.  Consider these comments:

  • “My parents did it this way”
  • “It’s how my family has always done it”
  • “I’ll fail because we didn’t get the same opportunities as Joey growing up”
  • “It’s just got to be this way because of family traditions”. 

Each of these comments are different ways of utilizing heredity as an excuse for not attaining one’s bliss, for hindering one’s growth into the best version of himself or herself.

That isn’t to say these things aren’t true, it’s just that these circumstances that one may be born into can be overcome through growth.  Situations can change if one is willing to put in the work to establish good habits.  Og Mandino discusses this in Scroll I of his book The Greatest Salesman In The World.  Why?  Because it is a key to greatness.


Desire To Achieve Greatness


Another thing that stood out to me in this chapter of The Science Of Being Great was desire.  During the courageous adventure known as the Master Key Experience (which you can learn more about here) one of the phrases that becomes a habit to recite multiple times a day is the phrase “I can be what I will to be”.  

A powerful link back to that phrase was discovered as this variation is found in one of the last paragraphs.


You can do what you desire to do and become what you want to be

Wallace Wattles


This is an important key to eliminating the cement that society has covered the greatness inside each of us with.  Both Charles Haanel and Wallace Wattles highlight this.  In the Master Key System it’s described as developing that burning desire for one’s definite.  In Science Of Being Great it’s described as fixating on an ideal.  In both cases the result of utilizing this power within, if everything is in harmony, is manifestation of one’s bliss. Or as I mentioned during my 2019 journey, a realization that we are each nature’s greatest miracle.


What Power?


A logical next question would be what is this power?  It’s a key to success, a key to not allowing heredity to be an excuse for not uncovering the greatness that is inside and letting the world see it.  Consider the stories of people like Martin Luther or Abraham Lincoln.  Neither of these gentlemen allowed their circumstances or heredity to stand in the way of growth.  Instead they utilized what Mr. Wattles refers to as the “Principle of Power” to eliminate heredity as an excuse to achieving their greatness. 


  1. Laura Hitt says

    Thanks for your thoughts and summary of Wattles chapter! I love listening to and reading Wattles. … It all comes together… the power is within. Go within. Sit in silence. Yes!

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Much appreciated Laura. It definitely is within!

  2. Shirley Koritnik says

    Hey, Brad. I like your exploration about why HEREDITY shouldn’t get in the way of our reaching our greatness! I’d add another excuse I’ve heard: “I come from a family that’s just not as smart as others seem to be.” What does smartness have to do with greatness! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Yes Shirley! That is also one that I’ve heard. The great thing about this chapter in Science of Being Great is how Wattles also references this indirectly. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Davene H Januszewski says

    Nurture vs Nature love your take on this Brad!

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Mahalo Davene. So many golden nuggets to yet uncover.

    2. Curtis Haman says

      Incredible stuff! Love seeing all these comments

    3. Curtis Haman says

      Today’s society has accepted the old heredity discussion. it’s just an excuse!Love seeing all these comments

  4. Michael Puffer says

    Great post Brad! We really have it all in us already we just have to use the power within us.

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Greatly appreciated Mr. Puffer! That we do!

  5. Nicole Sikora says

    Power can be awesome and to find examples in so many great people! Thanks Brad!

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      My pleasure Nicole. It definitely is awesome that power thing.

  6. Brenda Brown says

    “Eliminating the cement that society has covered the greatness inside each of us” 💯 , I just shared a blog about seeing our best potential ✅ love this post so much ❣️

    1. Joan Campbell says

      The new habits of discovering the power that is within…love your blog

    2. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thanks Brenda. So important to eliminate that cement. 🙌

  7. Joan Campbell says

    The new habits of discovering the power that is within…love your blog

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thank you Joan!

  8. Curtis Haman says

    Love that you point out one of the most famous excuses that we all have. Especially these days. Society has truly looked for every excuse to not succeed in life!

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Makes it that much more important to provide examples of success and being self directed.

  9. John Francetic says

    Brad, thank you for sharing how we need to accept full responsibility for how we shape our lives. From your blog rover friend John.

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Such an important step on becoming a self-directed thinker.

  10. Roz says

    No excuses…love it!

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      So amazing what happens when you don’t give in to those excuses.

  11. Linda E Slaughter says

    Yes, yes, yes! Heredity is just a small part of it. “These circumstances that one may be born into can be overcome through growth.” Great post.

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thank you for stopping by Linda!

  12. Laura says

    This was key for me: “Situations can change if one is willing to put in the work to establish good habits.” Many wonderful ideas shared here, thank you! 🙂

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thank Laura! That is definitely a terrific key!

  13. Eulaine Melanson says

    Brad or Cool Cruiseman, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the Heredity’ role in growth. The three main points that spoke to me were: (1) You aren’t barred from attaining greatness by heredity-don’t use it as an excuse for not obtaining your bliss. (2) You need the desire to achieve your greatness. “You can be what you want to be” but it does require work. (3) The principle of power is the key to eliminate heredity as an excuse to achieve your greatness.
    Your blog was definitely inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your blog rover friend, Eulaine

    1. Cool Cruiseman says

      Thank you Eulaine! Glad it was an inspiring post!

  14. Julie Haigh says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Brad

  15. Deborah says

    This was really a great blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on heredity. Very inspiring

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