Master Key Experience Commencement – The Gold!


The last 26 weeks have been a true eye opener in so many ways. It started in week 1 when I was challenged with finding my definite major purpose and writing it out. After a few weeks of re-writes to find the correct wording for my subconscious mind I got the green light of approval. One of many victories along the way. It continued with daily reads and exercises designed to arm me with the necessary tools to chip away at the cement covering the gold, the greatness within me. Why? Because there are no common people, there’s greatness inside all of us!

Over a six month period I was introduced to Og Mandino and his book The Greatest Salesman In the World, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Law of Compensation and Self Reliance, the Seven Day Mental Diet, the Seven Laws of the Mind. I discovered progressions, different ways to stimulate learning and something called the Franklin Makeover. I was reminded of the importance of daily gratitudes, kindnesses, a positive mental attitude and focus. Let’s just say it’s spectacular what one can learn without realizing it!

And then there were the index cards. Like most people I was stumped on why it was a requirement to have a couple hundred index cards. About a month or so in I found out why and it’s super cool! Sorry not going to spill the beans on that one, you need to sign up to find out.

It was a challenging six months, just like a master course should be. And very rewarding as I’ve found myself being more positive and less opinionated, choosing instead to be the non-judgmental observer. A definite work in progress but as the saying goes, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. As we were reminded this past Sunday at the commencement webinar this is just the beginning of the road to becoming a self-directed thinker, to choosing to live as an adventurer that has jumped out of his/her comfort zone to partake in something special. That something special being what’s known as the Hero’s Journey seen in basically every movie but best illustrated in the Star Wars trilogies.

And now the true challenge of living by progress, not progression begins. I’m beyond grateful for these past 26 weeks that have helped me begin to discover and change my world within. And I’m excited for what the future holds as I move into what is known as the Master Key Experience continuation. Because I am nature’s greatest miracle, golden by nature!

  1. David Vance says

    Great capstone post on the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, Brad. Thanks!

  2. pam998894733 says

    Loved your articulation of MKMMA! I agree there is nothing like it! Grateful!

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