2021 MKE – Strong Foundation Is Important

Strong Foundation

Another Year Completed

A few weeks ago I finished year three of the Master Key Experience building on the foundation first established in 2019.  Another year 26 weeks of spectacular insights during the weekly webinars as always.  However the insights from the tribe I was part of on Marco Polo, as I chose to go through this experience with a guide again were tremendous. 

What many of these insights showed me was the importance of having that foundation of the Master Key while traversing on the journey of life.  I absolutely loved seeing the growth of the first-time members in Tribe Tenacity. I was transported back many times to moments in my first and even second year when I saw the light bulbs go off on a particular topic being discussed, be it an Og Scroll or weekly Haanel reading.

This week I’ve been debating what to journal about here, which also has led to a reminder that journaling online is still an area of tremendous inconsistency.  In part because I’ll have an idea about what to write about and end up not putting the pen to the paper (or is it keyboard typing to the computer in 2022?) with the end result being lost thoughts.   Yet I digress.  So I decided to begin reviewing my blog posts from prior years of this adventurous journey, choosing to focus on the commencement post from 2019.

It was a challenging six months, just like a master course should be. And very rewarding as I’ve found myself being more positive and less opinionated, choosing instead to be the non-judgmental observer. A definite work in progress but as the saying goes, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. As we were reminded this past Sunday at the commencement webinar this is just the beginning of the road to becoming a self-directed thinker, to choosing to live as an adventurer that has jumped out of his/her comfort zone to partake in something special. That something special being what’s known as the Hero’s Journey seen in basically every movie but best illustrated in the Star Wars trilogies. 

Why a Foundation is Important

This post encapsulates the importance of having a foundation.  The reason was highlighted again during this year’s commencement. When we choose to continue growing, reaching for new heights, and taking the high road instead of the alternative of being stuck in the status quo are beginning the new leg of a journey.  And to be successful on each leg of the journey we need to build on a foundation that we’ve constructed as self-directed thinkers focused on achieving our purpose.

And just like I was following MKE commencement week the last two years I’m excited for what my future hold because I’m continuing to discover and change my world within.  I’m chipping away at the cement to reveal the foundation of gold, the greatness that’s inside me as I AM nature’s greatest miracle.

There is greatness inside each of us.  And the Master Key Experience can provide you with the tools, habits and practices that will help you discover it.  So if you’re willing to do a little work to find it, get on the Early Bird notification list today!

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