Master Key Experience Week 17 HJ – Answering the Call

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It was another fantastic, yet challenging week when it came to the journey known as the Master Key Experience (MKE). A “masters” class is supposed to be challenging and without a doubt this course is. Definitely worth it though as each week I find a little more consistency when it comes to implementing good habits that will ultimately result in manifesting my definite major purpose. Time has been a challenge along the way, no doubt, when it comes to completing some of the “front end” work of the exercises. I’ve had a realization though of how easy it is to have the daily consistency in doing the exercises that I have completed the preparation on. So while my old self would say I’m behind, including on this blog post, my new self says,

“Brad you’re just getting started when it comes to this journey that will take you out of the river of dreams.”

That was one of my takeaways from what is known as review week. The result of focusing on the definite major purpose I identified during the first weeks of this journey, maintaining a positive mental attitude, weekly adding to an action plan to achieve it, and sharing my takeaways and experience on this blog as well as in the MKE alliances. I’d add that its also the result of being determined to do the little things like the daily reads, identifying gratitudes, flipping through “success” index cards, and the 15 minute sits. All part of answering the call to become a more self-directed thinker who goes after the burning desire known as an identified definite major purpose.

During HJ week an interesting question was also posed, and a very timely question at that. Going on the Hero’s Journey and seeing it through by answering the Herald’s call is not easy. In a world where conformity tends to be king and cement is piled onto dreams and imagination as one moves into adulthood, it can be difficult to remember what Mandino says, that each of us is in fact nature’s greatest miracle. As a result it is easy to fall back into the river of dreams by refusing the call. This is not uncommon though as all heroes are reluctant at first. Don’t believe that to be the case? Go and watch Star Wars or any Hollywood movie for that matter. At a certain point the hero always embraces the challenges that are present as opportunities. At this point fear is basically kicked to the curb as the hero stops making excuses for why not to answer the call to greatness.

And the question that all who ultimately answer the call end up answering?


Ironically that answer isn’t found in the mind. It’s in the heart, so listen to your heart.

When you get to the heart of things it is comparatively easy to understand and command them.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key Experience
  1. philipmach1 says

    Brad , I love the internal conversation that you have with the interplay of what you wish to be your true self . Your hero’s journey is inspiring to see growth and transformation .

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