MKE Week 9 – Combinations



When you go on the courageous adventure known as the Master Key Experience, combinations are the best way to utilize the tools you’re provided in a toolbox to assist in chipping away at cement.  This cement has built up over the course of life to effectively cover the greatness inside, particularly if you aren’t achieving the things you want to be.  


The Blueprint Builder


One of the first “assignments” on this journey is to write out (yes using pen and paper) something known as the blueprint builder that Napoleon Hill highlights in one of his best-selling books, Think and Grow Rich.  Then it’s to be read every day.


“I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person” 

“I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE”


These are just two powerful aspects of Hill’s blueprint builder.  So how does one accomplish this?


The Daily Tasks


In addition to reading the blueprint builder there are additional daily tasks.  This includes reading the weekly chapter in Haanel’s The Master Key System, the monthly chapter in Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman, sitting for 15 minutes a day, reading index cards with identified weekly services, my DMP plan of action, and a few other things.  Definitely many things to accomplish while committing one hour a day to these tasks in addition to doing the things that Hill mentions in the blueprint builder.  Now no one said this was going to be easy but this sounds difficult doesn’t it?

It isn’t though because of something known as combinations.  


Combinations Make It Happen


The path to a new version of myself, a version that is achieving dharma is a learning process.  Incidentally there’s seven ways that a person learns which makes applying all these tools in the toolbox quite easy, especially when you implement combinations of them.  I’ll highlight a few below.

The first way to learn is musically.  Remember learning your ABCs via The Alphabet song?  Or the bones in the body via Dem Bones?  It takes some time to set up initially but one option for impressing my new blueprint upon my subconscious is by making a recording of affirmations, my DMP, my index cards utilizing a song(s) that resonate.

A second way to learn is spatially.  This way of learning involves the utilization of shapes.  As with the recording it takes time to set up but connecting certain parts of my DMP, the smart goals, to colors and shapes is another fun and interesting way to impress upon my mind that new blueprint I’ve developed.

Finally a third way to learn is intra-personally.  Do you talk to yourself during the day?  Most people do.  So instead of telling yourself negative things why not tell yourself positive affirmations, your goals, your successes whether big or small?  Yet another way of learning that impresses the subconscious mind.

Combinations come into play when you utilize two, three, four or more of these ways of learning throughout the day.  It’s how those who go through this journey of the Master Key Experience accomplish what Hill talks about in his blueprint builder.

So much discovery and there’s still 2/3 of the journey remaining!


  1. John Francetic says

    Brad, good for you for realizing the power of combinations. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. LOREN C TAYLOR says

    I totally agree, Brad, with my fellow blog rover friend and mastermind partner, John! It’s terrific that you have discovered the power of combinations! And, of course, the success formula passed down to mark J from Clement Stone: “success = a definite major purpose infused with burning desire + a positive mental attitude + a plan of action + a mastermind with one or more individuals working together to achieve the same end in mind. I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your MKE journey as chronicled in blog posts such as this one! 🙂

  3. Nancy O says

    Ha! Hadn’t thought of Dem bones in years! Great post, Brad! (please follow me at

    1. bradcruises says

      Thank you Nancy!

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