MKE Week 2 – Ohana Defines My Tribe





Finding My Definite Major Purpose

Week 2 has been another week of tremendous learning.  As highlighted in last week’s blog post it’s about finding, with the help of my ambassador (the MKE), Quan or that whole package of completeness that comes when achieving my bliss.  

To assist in this process during this week’s webinar I had to identify my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs), the two things out of a list of seven that are most important to me.  These needs had to then be “weaved” into my Definite Major Purpose along with feelings.  I’ve had the opportunity to receive some fantastic and challenging feedback to consider for my next revision from my awesome guide Brenda. Incorporating my Personal Pivotal Needs of liberty and legacy has resulted in progress but still some refining to do.

It has also been a fantastic week of discovery as I’ve now found and connected a fantastic Hawaiian term to this courageous adventure and journey. To me it is a term that helps with understanding why there truly is nothing like it when it comes to the Master Key Experience.




I am finding out that one of the powerful keys to success as well as achieving one’s Definite Major Purpose in life is masterminds.  It’s why the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance is so valuable.  The various discussion groups are a terrific place to share insights and observations about what is taking place on our individual journeys as well as from the webinars and assigned readings. A tremendous place to connect and converse, but we also get to use another cool communication tool to connect with our guide, members of our “tribe” and other students going through the MKE, the Marco Polo app.

The Marco Polo app is a video chat platform where you can record messages to share with individuals and groups that you might be a part of.  I love the ability to converse and collaborate with fellow Master Key Experience participants and my guide in this way. Not to mention reading the blogs of other courageous adventurers on the Master Key Experience journey and providing words of encouragement.  It’s connections like these that make a mastermind successful!

All these masterminding opportunities focused around achieving one’s definite major purpose reminded me this week of a word from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.  We’re foster care parents and this movie happens to be a favorite of one of the children currently placed with it.  In fact this week alone I’ve probably seen different parts of the movie at least a dozen times. The word that stands out to me? Ohana.  Wondering what this Hawaiian word means? Luckily Stitch can help us out.

I am confident ohana describes the Master Key Experience community perfectly. Why? It’s like an extended family with all the opportunities for connection and encouragement in the form of a mastermind alliance. On this journey we are all connected as courageous adventurers. A tribe of people bound by compassion, culture, support, loyalty, and love for each other. Like-minded individuals who want to help each other uncover the golden child that is inside each of us. A family where nobody gets left behind or forgotten.  Ohana. What a great honor it is to be a part of the Master Key Experience!

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Now what will week 3 have in store?


  1. Brenda says

    What a wonderful expression to associate with the #MasterKeyExperience I will always remember that now, especially once you related it to LILO and STITCH 🙂 thank you!

    1. bradcruises says

      Your welcome Brenda. It is amazing how certain things stand out when observation and perspective take hold.

  2. Nancy Ottinger says

    So glad you’re part of our Ohana, Brad!

  3. Robert Ford says

    Great post Brad. Some awesome insights. All the best!

  4. LOREN C TAYLOR says

    W Clement Stone says, “success = DMP

    W Clement Stone says, “Success = DMP + PMA + written plan of action + mastermind.” It looks like you’re firing on all four cylinders, Brad! Powerful! Very powerful! 🙂


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